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Bujinkan Hombu Dojo other Rules

If you teach as a Shidoshi (when your rank is 5th dan or above), you need
(1) your Shidoshi licence (you are given a certificate just once in your life)  and
(2) your Shidoshi-kai yearly membership (you get a card each year).

If you teach as a Shidoshi-ho (whenyour rank is 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th dan), you need
(3) your Shidoshi-ho licence
 (4) your Shidoshi-kai yearly membership  and
  (5) a Shidoshi or Shihans who sponsors you. If you haven't sponsors / teachers like a Shihans you cannot have the recommendation from Sensei.

Both Shidoshis and Shidoshi-hos have to pay for the Shidoshi-kai (yearly)membership every year (it expires at the end of the year).  So (2)and (4) are same, and there is nothing called "Shidoshi-ho mebership".  Please don't be confused. (I mean many have been.)

So, each pays for...


once in the beginning

every year


(1)Shidoshi licence

(2)(4)Shidoshi-kai membership


(3)Shidoshi-ho licence



regular membership

 Shidoshi Kai Membeship Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Membeship

*If you don't know the fees, you can ask me.  But I appreciate it if you ask your instructors first.. If you order a 6th dan or above for your student, please don't forget to 

(a) enclose a recommendation letter  and
(b) clarify the date when the person passed his/her 5th dan test..


·    Bujinkan certificates are issued only by the Bujinkan Hombu Office.  But some "instructors" issue their owncertificates.  Soke considers it a fraud if the name"Bujinkan" is used in their certificates.  We have some photos of a few examples from different countries.  Please be careful not to be involved with such a crime.

·   As you know, a recommendation letter is required for apromotion to 6th dan or above (3 letters for 10th dan), but.... no matter whoasks you, youshouldn't recommend anyone you don't know well.  You have to be responsible.

·   I'm not quite sure if I have to post anything like this here, but anyway -
Producing fake patches or certificates is a crime. Trading such things is also a crime.

Even genuine ones should be ordered from the Hombu Office (through your instructor if you are a student) because they are related to your rank.  Net auctions shouldn'tbe used for them. 

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