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Shinden Fudo Ryu - 2006 Bujinkan Training Theme



Ikkenhassou - One sword, eight faces (aspects)


Bikenisshun - Secret sword, one instance (moment)


Shizen Shigoku - Nature, to the extreme end (level)


Hatsumi sensei has set the 2006 training theme for the Bujinkan as Shindenfudo Ryu 神伝不動流 and Kenpo. This subject has been covered before in Japan so we should assume he is taking it to a level of thought and training above what he covered last time.

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the Bujinkan regarding Shindenfudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu 神伝不動流打拳体術 and Shindenfudo Ryu Jutaijutsu. 神伝不動流柔体術).


Many believe that they are the same school split into two sections. This is incorrect as they are both two different schools. Some will try and say this is not possible as they are both called Shindenfudo Ryu. Unfortunately this is correct.


More than one school is known to use the same name. In the 1963 edition of The Jiten Bugei Ryuha it lists 2 Shindenfudo Ryu Shindenfudo Ryu Kenpo and Shindenfudo Ryu Ken (sword). In the 1978 edition of Daijiten Bugei Ryuha it lists three different Shindenfudo Ryu.

  1. Shindenfudo Ryu 神伝不動流 (Ken , Bo , Naginata 薙刀, Iai 居合, Kaiyo 廻腰, Ju , Kama kusari 鎌鎖
  2. Shindenfudo Ryu 神伝不動流 (Taijutsu 体術)
  3. Shindenfudo Ryu 神伝不動流 (Dakentaijutsu 打拳体術)

The first one is the style Hatsumi sensei learned from Ueno Takashi and the last third one is the style Hatsumi sensei is the current soke of.

With some of the details I have heard of already I am assuming that Hatsumi sensei is planning to also teach a little of the Shindenfudo Ryu (Ueno Den) this coming year.



  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Concept - The Power of Shizen

Shinden Fudo Ryu Punching Contrary to popular belief, not everyone knows how to throw a punch. Many people who do know how to throw a punch do so like a boxer.Boxing-style punches can be very easy to detect by watching a person’s shoulders and hips. Because Shinden Fudo Ryu is a “natural” school, the European approach to punching does not apply.Start from shizen no kamae.

As you step forward to punch, bring your punching arm straight up from the hip.There is no chambering of the arm in this punching technique. Remember to open your hips!The punch should become virtually undetectable to your opponent, and with the integration of the hip/leg movement and the arm, your punch will be fast and powerful.Every year Hatsumi Sensei chooses a different theme as the focus for the training in that particular year.

The past few years he has concentrated on the various weapons which are associated with the Bujinkan Martial Arts. This year, however, is different. This year marks the beginning of a nine year cycle, each year devoted entirely to the practice of one of the nine ryu-ha which comprise the Bujinkan Martial Arts System. Shinden Fudo Ryu has the unique distinction of being the first art which was taught to Hatsumi’s mentor, Takamatsu Sensei.Takamatsu began the study of Shinden Fudo Ryu at the age of nine under the tutelage of his grandfather, Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda. The origins of this ryu, however, stretch back to the mid-twelfth century. The secret principle of this school is the “Principle of Nature”.




 Instead of building a dojo and then training, students are taught to use nature to make the body strong. The legs and the hips are conditioned first, then rocks and trees are used to toughen the fists. Trees become excellent training partners for practicing do-jime (body choke), hip throws, and various strikes and kicks. Throws are practiced by bending supple trees. Striking and kicking within this ryu should be done from a natural posture with no set-up or telegraphing. They should take the opponent by surprise from a blind angle.


There are no set kamae in Shinden Fudo Ryu with the notable exception of Shizen No Kamae (natural posture). As nothing in nature is fixed, so it should be with one’s movement. Nature is compromised of moment to moment changes and these natural body changes become the kamae.Shinden Fudo Ryu also makes use of the Daisho (long and short swords). It is written in the scrolls that Iaijutsu (draw-cutting) originated from this school.  

While wearing the daisho, it is important to be able to land on your feet with ukemi when being thrown. A set of five rules, or truths were written down by Takamatsu Sensei’s Grandfather, Toda. These principles are said to be the “law of the dojo” in Shinden Fudo Ryu:


  1. Know that patience comes first.
  2. Know that the path of man comes from justice.
  3. Renounce avarice, indolence, and obstinacy.
  4. Recognize that sadness and regret are natural and therefore seek to develop an immovable spirit.
  5. Do not stray from the path of loyalty and familial love and pursue the warrior and literary arts with balanced determination.





Shinden Fudo Ryu DAKEN Taijutsu  神伝不動流打拳体術




Ten no Kata

Chi no Kata (Suwari Gata)

Shizen Shigoku no Kata

Nichi Geki


Tai Nagashi



Kobushi Nagashi·Ken Nagashi






Ryote Gake




Setsu Yaku·Setsuyo


Suzu Otoshi



Kasumi Otoshi


























Za Kamae (Fudoza·Karafu) 

Hira Ichimonji no Kamae

Seigan no Kamae

Katate Seigan no Kamae

Shizen no Kamae


Shoden no Kata

Chuden no Kata

Okuden no Kata

Kata Mune Dori

Fu Setsu

Hyo Fu

Gyaku Kata Mune Dori

Tama Otoshi

Goja Dori

Ude Ori


Te Ate

Matsu Kaze

Midari Dori



Tsuki no Wa

Tatsu Maki

Gedan Gake

Kocho Dori

Furoshi Nage

Ude Ori

Kasa Harai

Suichu Shiai no Waza

Kyū In

Kaku Sei

Yama Arashi

Kimon Dori

Kasumi Gake

Bai Setsu

Jinchū Nage

Ryo Yoku


Koromo Gaeshi

Utsushi Dori


Saka Otoshi



Satani Nage



Satani Nage



Katate Otoshi



Gyaku Nage



Gokuraku Otoshi



















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