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Ki Hon Ha Pou 季翻 初崩 2011


 The theme for 2011 seems to be "Kihon Happou", but Soke uses different Kanji as usual….
Ki - - Season/s
Hon - turnover,change,wave
Ha - first, new
Pou - to sprout


季 Ki - Season/s
翻 Hon - turnover,change,wave.
初 Ha - first, new.
崩 Pou - crumble,die,demolish

"Soke also wrote Kihon Happou the Tuesday before DKMS as":
- Ki - miracle
- Hon - essence
- Ha - begin/start ie: Shodan
- Pou - grow/bountiful (for people)


Hatsumi Sensei has commented that, the subjects of the next year is possibly the Kihon Happo and ken, tachi, juu, katana and kaku. These last five elements sho compared with the book gorin not, that was written by Miyamoto Musashi and that has direct relation with chi, mizu, hi, kaze and kuu. Their nine ryu were born and they were developed on the basis of these five principles.




  • Ki: = {scroll} {volume} {book} {part} {roll up} {wind up} {tie} {coil} {counter for texts (or book scrolls)}
  • Hon: = {book}   / = {first time} {beginning}
  • Ha: = {complete} {end} {finish} {succeed} 
  • Po: = {die} {demolish} {level}

Other aspect for Kihon Happo : From my dictionary* [Antonios & Harry Mitrou]

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