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槍術So Jutsu - Yari Jutsu "The Art of Spear"

"Looking at the densho of Shinden Fudo Ryu Daken-taijutsu, the current was founded by Izumo Yoshiteru in the Eikyu period (1113-1118), and Shinmon Yoshikane developed it in taijutsu, sword technique, and spear technique in the Shocho period (1428-1429). Mizuhara Yoshinari, the lord who, according to legend, was the illegitimate child of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, was said to be not only a master of taijutsu, horsemanship, sword technique, and spear technique, but also the master of iai in the seventh year of the Kencho period (1256).

There were many schools of the spear and a great variety of types and lengths of spears. There were those that were less than 5 shaku, those over 2 ken, and those over 1 jo. All spears were basically categorized as hand spears (te yari) and long-bladed spears (taishin yari).






The handles of spears were made with various types of wood, including red and white oak and wood from the loquat tree. There were also spear handles made by applying split and lacquered bamboo strips. Furthermore, there were also the iron spears (tetsu yari) made with iron handles, and so-called kama yari (the tip of which was shaped like a sickle), three-pronged spears (sanbon yari), tube spears (kuda yari), hook spears (kaki yari), and there was a cross-shaped spear (jumonji yari).

 Harry [Seigan no Kamae]
 Antonis [Tsuki]



Spears are classified by their shape and the way of attaching the blade to the handle. Other types included simple spears (su yari), socket spears (fukuro yari), single-bladed spears (kikuchi yari), and single-sickle spears (katakama yari). Inevitably, the unification of the heart, body, and spear gave birth to innumerable divine techniques and the inheritance of spear fighting (so-jutsu), which became the core of many different schools, was born."












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