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“Kami Ori Tatara no Hôken Tamarite Tôyô Ashi ara Rokuni Arabaru no Takamatsu Sensei Tamawari”

“This is the divine treasure sword, transmitted by Takamatsu Sensei to Hatsumi Sensei, to destroy evil demons, and to create unity and make peace reign on Earth.” Theme of 2013 Ken Engetsu no Kagami (mirror of the fullmoon sword)
During the break Hatsumi Sensei draw us the Fudomyo's Sword Kurikara.不動明王と倶利伽羅不動剣

Fudoo is portrayed holding a two-edged sword with a three-pronged hilt in his right hand and a coiled rope in his left hand. With this sword of wisdom, Fudoo cuts through deluded and ignorant minds and with the rope he binds those who are ruled by their violent passions and emotions.    

Kurikara Fudo is another personification of this deity, this time in the form of a Dragon-Sword. The Dargon King Kurikara (Sanskrit: Kulikaa Nagaraajaa) is said to have a golden body color and is sometimes depicted with one or two horns on his head.

Legend has it that Fudoo had to fight the representative of a different religion. He changed himself into a flaming sword but the opponent did the same and the fighting went on without a winner. Now Fudoo changed himself into the Dragon Kurikara, wound himself around the opposing sword and started eating it from the top.

The dragon used to be a vasall or symbol of the deity, but in this unique case the symbol and the deity came to be honored as the same thing. Especially during the Edo period where the sword was a symbol of the vasall's loyalty to his lord, the statues and steles of Kurikara Fudoo were produced in greater numbers.
"Tsurugi" (剣) is a Japanese word used to refer to any type of broadsword, or those akin to the Chinese sword, jian. The word is used in the West to refer to a specific type of Japanese straight, double-edged sword used in antique Greece.




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