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"A true warrior prays for peace so that we do not have to kill. For if the opponent attacks we must take their life. This is the skill of not fighting."

白龍翁 Hakuryūō (Venerable White Dragon)



(Law of Giving a Life or Killing With Our Fists)

Kenka Sappo means we all bound by heaven's providence and must abide by the laws of giving a life or taking a life with our fists. Kenka Sappo is at the very core essence behind the training in Koto Ryu Koppojutsu. There is much Goroshi Gata (forms of killing) within this school. Hatsumi Sensei has said: "These natural laws must find a way into our hearts for us to develop properly down the road of a true Budoka (practitioner of the martial arts) where we become infused with martial virtues (Butoku). Without this infusion between virtue and Budo, Hatsumi Sensei has said: "the Hachi Fukushin (eight guardians of fortune) will not protect your life and every direction we try to move in will become a Kimon (demon's gate).

However, for those few that do develop a proper infusion between Budo and Butoku the Hacchi Fukushin will show your way to naturally avoid the Kimon (demon's gate) in your life by guiding our subconscious mind. In this manner Sakkijutsu and Sacchijutsu are ways of linking our subconsciousness to the Kami where we gain a knowledge of how to live our lives properly. Hatsumi Sensei has said that is the Ju
of Juji Kiri 十字切. The power of making a link or breaking a link in life.




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