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For a woman is hardly relaxes studying Goshinjutsu 護身術.
So I explain to women that is particularly important the attitude of Goshinjutsu 護心術 - the art of defense of the heart.
Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

“What we learn from Bujinkan is not merely 護身術 (goshin-jutsu) but also 護心術 (goshin-jutsu). The first means “methods to protect one’s body”, and the second means “methods to protect one’s heart/mind/soul”. The first is relatively simple (avoid fights), but the second is one of the hardest tasks for humans to perform.
There are also further possibly ways of writing this sound in kanji, e.g. 護真術 (goshin-jutsu) “methods to protect the truth” or 護親術 (goshin-jutsu) “methods to protect one’s relatives” etc.




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Ka Nin Doku Son.
 - Perseverance of mutual respect.
 - Continuous mutal respect.
 - The noble pursuit of tolerance throughout one's life.

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